Website Portfolio

To develop our website, we auditioned several website designers, including some established (and expensive) firms, before deciding to go with Fat Graphics. We're extremely pleased we did. James Loudon did a fantastic job, within rapid timescales and (modest) budget. I cannot stress how difficult it is to develop a simple, clear, easy-to-understand-and-navigate commercial website, which is exactly what James came up with. We often get complimented on the quality of our website, and many customers say that our website design was a deciding factor in purchasing from us. In addition, James has always been there when we needed him since we began over six years ago. Unequivocally and highly recommended.
Ivan Kursar - Cool Gales Ltd

James was a pleasure to work with, knew his stuff and very professional. As a painter I needed a bold but simple site with fast loading images, which is exactly what I got. Richard Twose

I find a lot of websites are too busy and overdone and often take away the attention that should be focused on the product that they showcase. The challenge I put to James was to build a site that was minimal & yet sophisticated. I wanted a site that was easy to use as I believe that most people have a short attention span with websites. The project was handled quickly and James was quick to pinpoint what I was aiming for. I am delighted with the results!
Paul Parker - Copperfield Kitchens

We feel lucky to have worked with some very creative and interesting people running successful and original enterprises;

Areas include retail, PR, educational resources, engineering, music and arts. Some examples are shown below.

Cake Spirit Richard Twose fineline lighting
Alex Julyan Pure Moves Pilates and movement, Frome Real People Pilates
Dominic Brown Photography charlotte stowell Cycology Bikes
  Antibes Apartment  

Richard Twose

An award winning artist based in Bath Richard produces unique paintings. His site is fully responsive gallery and information base with content management built in.

Fineline Lighting is one of the leading independent Lighting & Rigging companies in the UK.

The site is built with an open source CMS system with blog and multiple galleries.

Pure Moves is a Pilates and holistic health centre in Frome. We manage this large and busy site and keep it updated with fresh content and photos. Built using a responsive WordPress framework.

Dominic Brown Photography.

Fine art and landscape photographer. His new website was built on a modern Wordpress template to be as fast and clean as possible.

Cycology Bikes have shops in Frome and Chippenham.

The site features Pulse content management.

Charlotte Stowell is an established illustrator and model maker for childrens books. Accordingly the site is almost entirely graphic based with CSS galleries of her work.

Cakespirit is run by Lindsey Drage and is a recipes and ideas site for sugar free baking.

The site features a simple CMS framework and very clean code.

Showcase site for an apartment on the Côte d'Azur featuring easy to use CMS, galleries and live availibility calender.

Alex Julyan - artist, sculptor, model and mask maker.

We shot and edited some of the content on the site and built it all into a simple CMS framework built on modern and simple code.

Real People Pilates produces Pilates instructional DVDs. We manage the website and online shop and also provided production services for the video shoot and edited the audio content.